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CMU orientation 2012

I worked with 6 other students to hire counselors and mentors, plan a week of events and welcome the freshmen class to their new home.

Using the stories of those we hired when they were freshmen, I created a logo that brought together the excitement and anxieties we feel when we move to a new place and meet new people.

When I became a head orientation counselor - I had hoped that it would help me get over my anxieties of leading a group of people.

I found support from my team. I began to delegate tasks based on an individual's skill and talent to make up for area's that I'm still growing in.


I spoke in front of 1600 people, lead a team of wonderful counselors, supported the resident staff and started the relationship of 1600 students with their new home. My limitations became my strength and I was part of an incredible team. 


Together we created a community.


Thanks to Christina Brant, Eric Dietz, Matt HoSangita Sharma, Nadia Sheen, and Will Weiner.