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In my spare time I'm designing a new iPhone app called Ripple with Paul Stavropoulos and Gal Oshri.

Ripple is a new way to spread trending content via location-based posts.


  1. A user writes a ripple
  2. The ripple is sent to the seven people closest to them.
  3. Each of those seven people decide if they want to spread it to more people or dismiss it.
  4. The more popular a users ripples become the further the user can spread content through a level system.

When I first joined the team, I helped them relook at the information architecture - the user flow was simple, but the way to go about the interactions were confusing and disjointed.

We are iterating quickly and constantly improving the designs from user feedback and research studies. We jumped into the visual design to create something light and simple while we focused on creating a delightful user experience.

What I love about Ripple is brainstorming what it could be - right now it's for everyone and for all content.

Ripple has so many possible applications it could go in so many directions

It could be a new way to trend the news, collect opinions on conflicting issues, test out how people in the area feel about local issues, even spread entertainment gossip and become those strange news articles you see at grocery check out lines.

For now, it's for everyone and for all content - allowing users to see how they want to use Ripple - and we've even had people share how they'd like to see it be used.

Download the app and check it out!