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The index: design fiction

Franklin Gaw and I explored creating an alternate world based on a Roald Dahl quote.

Take a look at our process blog

Take a look at our process blog


To get people to critically think about how they perceive one another and how society defines 'goodness.'


We are changing how people perceive the internal and external person. Rather than people perceiving the outside in, it becomes the social norm to perceive the inside out.


  • Is one good thing better than the other?
  • How do you indicate ‘goodness’?
  • How does society define ‘goodness’?
  • Is ‘goodness’ defined by the context, environment you are in, or those who surround you?
  • Within societal tasks like going to the airport, do they regulate ‘goodness’, for example the TSA?
  • How do people regulate or train for jobs?
  • How does school and educational insttituions run?
  • Who is a model citizen, Who is the criminal?
  • Does intention matter more than the crime?
  • What would make-up be? Is it something that makes you appear more attentive?
  • When you’re born are you neutral, until a certain age?
  • When you turn 18 is there a ritual?
  • Would kids do all the bad stuff before they are 18?
  • What would the transition be like?
  • How does it affect a child when it is constantly monitored?
  • What would love be like?
  • What would divorce be like?
  • How would it be restraining on a relationship?
  • Can people fake it?


  • When is someone a criminal?
  • How is ‘goodness and ugliness’ communicated?
  • How are trends established? How often to trends changed?
  • Can people go rogue?
  • Is this the future or is it a present day society? Is it a big brother society?
  • Do people try to express themselves anymore.
  • How much are your intentions worth?
  • What if someone has good intentions, but commits a horrible crime?
  • If it was for revenge? If it was simply because they were bad and they committed that murder? Does the cycle continues and are they now bad, with pure intentions?



To demonstrate this alternate reality we decided to give our actors an introduction to our society and a scenario of who they are. Once they were familiar with their character we filmed their reactions and perceptions about their life in this new reality. It method allowed our actors to think critically about the society and create natural ideas and perspectives rather than acting from a script.

Design Fictions Final Presentation.010.jpg
Design Fictions Final Presentation.010-004.jpg

We explored how trends would start to form, what the values of society might be and what people would be interested in reading, aspiring to be and working towards.